Deepak E. Solomon, Ph.D (Eng.)
Chief Product Engineer

Deepak has a Doctorate in Chemical Engineering and was instrumental in design and development of the first working NeoPlate prototype.


Kevin Crawford, M.D.
Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Crawford is a practicing orthopedic surgeon with over 18 years of experience with entrepreneurial start-ups and small businesses. He has been an active angel investor to various companies such as Railyard, and NuPark, and since 2011, has served on the Board of Directors for Truno, Inc., a retail technology company.


Charles E. Needham
Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Needham has over 28 years of sales experience in the medical/bio-medical equipment arena. Mr. Needham founded Omni-Tex Medical, a medical equipment distributorship, in 1995. After successfully growing the company’s sales to a multi-million dollar volume, the company was acquired by Stryker Corporation. He continues to work in a Sales Manager position for the Stryker Corporation. In addition, Mr. Needham founded Needham Properties in 1998, and has over $15 million dollars of real estate assets under management. He serves on the Board of Directors of Lone Star Bank.


Nilesh Gupta, Ph. D
Chief Scientific Officer

Nilesh is the chief scientific officer at Neofluidics, LLC. He is responsible for performing application testing on the prototype . Nilesh has a doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences with over 20 peer reviewed publications including several awards.

Dr. Richard Klemke
Professor, Department of Pathology and Moores Cancer Center, University California San Diego
Dr. Barbara Smith
Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
Dr. Vivek Gupta
Assistant Professor of Biopharmaceutical Sciences, Keck Graduate Institute of Pharmacy
Dr. Brijesh Patel
Director Research and Development at DS Laboratories, DS Laboratories, Florida