Our robust and user-friendly technology is disrupting workflows and improving outcomes, revolutionizing drug discovery and manufacturing.

what we do

Carrier-Phase Free Droplet Microfluidics

Our Platform Technology Exploits Differential Hydrodynamic Resistances, Surface Chemistry And Passive Air Based Valves To Seamlessly Operate And Control Sub-Nanoliter To Microliter Droplets Within A Complex Fluidic Network.

  • Our base technology consists of channels with different hydrodynamic resistances.
  • This resistance ratio allows fluid to imbibe into the wells in the lower channels.
  • A unique air control valve, traps the fluid in the wells creating fluidic droplets.  
  • The air control valves also enable fluidic operations such as washing, dilution and fluidic communication to other networks that can be carried out on trapped fluidic droplets.

System Modularity and Seamless Integration

The Passive Nature Of Our Technology Platform Enables Its Use In Diverse Applications From Determining Physical Properties To Synthesizing New Nanocomposites.

We combine our proprietary trapping technology with established microfluidic motifs to create complex, yet easy to use, systems.

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what we do

Ability to Induce Chaotic µ-Mixing at High Flow Rates

The Unique Combination of Differential Resistances And Air-Plugs Causes Fluids To Mix Leading To The Self-Assembly Of Organic And In-Organic Nanoparticles In A Controllable Manner.

Using our trapping architecture we can ensure low-shear mixing during fabrication, which is essential for encapsulation of sensitive biologics.