NeoIMA™ – Immunoassay

The NeoIMA™ device enables immunoassays to be performed rapidly in nanoliter volumes with minimal matrix effects and high sensitivity.

Recent advances in microfluidics have made the traditional ELISA faster with lower consumption of reagents. The Neofluidics NeoIMA™ device for bioassays and immunoassays takes ELISAs to a disruptive new level with:

  • Maximum well volume of only 0.2 µl – drastically reduces use of expensive reagents

  • Elimination of pipetting errors – wells trap exact volumes

  • Higher sensitivity

  • Extremely efficient one-step continuous-flow wash

  • Shorter assay times for higher throughput

  • Can be performed manually and compatible with major liquid handling systems – no CapEx required

How it Works

Using the same positive pressure and negative pressure actions, the contents of the well can be subjected to further washing with buffers, or the contents can be replaced with new solutions such as a secondary antibody, a substrate solution or a stop solution as needed in the steps of a traditional ELISA.


The optimized NeoIMA™ workflow was tested and validated using a competitive Clenbuterol ELISA kit (Tri Bioscience, Inc.), and results were compared against a conventional pre-coated 96-well plate supplied along with the kits.

Comparison with traditional 96-well plate ELISA

Assay Reagents NeoIMA™ 96-well plate ELSIA
Volume µl Duration Volume µl Duration
Capture Antibody 1 30 min 100 Overnight
Wash Buffer 20 < 1 min 300 X 5 ~10 min
Blocking Buffer 5 30 min 200 1.5 h
Antigen 5 25 min 100 2 h
Wash Buffer 20 < 1 min 300 X 5 ~10 min
Detection Antibody 5 25 min 100 1 h
Wash Buffer 20 < 1 min 300 X 5 ~10 min
Reporter Enzyme 5 25 min 100 1 h
Wash Buffer 20 < 1 min 300 X 5 ~10 min
Substrate 5 25 min 100 15 min
Total Time ~2 h O/N + 7 h

​​​​​​​Coming soon – NeoIMA™ for multiplex ELISA

A common sample can be analyzed for several different biomarkers in a single assay.