The NeoVISC™ is a simple and unique microfluidic viscometer for real-time measurement of physical properties such as density and viscosity. It is easy to use, portable, requires very small volumes and data can be sent over the internet.

  • Measures up to 30 different fluid samples simultaneously using a single pressure source
  • Eliminates contamination using disposable chips and capillaries
  • Microfluidic shear viscometer with visualization aided by smartphone technology
  • Capable of measuring viscosity of Newtonian and polymeric fluids over a broad range (10-10,000 /s)
  • No on-chip sensing element is required: makes it cost-effective and point-of-care capable
  • No viscoelastic skin formation at air-liquid interface

Currently available viscometers have drawbacks:

  • Macroscale rheometers are bulky, need skilled operators
  • High throughput measurements limited
  • Large sample volume required
  • Cumbersome cleaning procedures
  • Limited shear-rate range
  • Not suitable for complex fluids
  • Pressure-sensor based viscometers not durable and suitable for parallelized analysis of samples
  • Other microfluidic viscometers require research-grade microscopes and cameras